Table of Contents


Our Boys

Photos and pedigrees of our adult males.  Includes those at active stud as well as those retired.

Our Girls

 Photos and pedigrees of our adult females.  Includes those being actively bred as well as those retired.

Our Youngsters

Our up and coming "kids" that we are "growing out" for showing and/or  breeding.

Gone but not forgotten

A tribute page to those that hold a special place for us since the beginning of Alkarah.

Our Extended Family

Seven pages and a page of special merit reserved for those nice people who have our dogs
and would like to post pictures, accomplishments, or just fun stuff about their dogs. 

Special Merit

This page recognizes very special accomplishments of people who have out dogs.


All kinds of "stuff" and "more stuff" about Alkarah.  
Includes pictures, our puppy and adult diet, puppy training, recommended books, 
cartoons,  pedigree abbreviations, grandsires of our dogs, more pictures, 
a message from the dogs, dog quotes, music, and other "stuff." 

The Alkarah Story

Our history with German Shepherd Dogs beginning in Germany. 


A search engine to help you find things on our site, 
and selected search engines and meta search engines to find anything on the web. 


You can spend hours here! 
Designed to be a resource for our Alkarah family.  
Almost any website related to dogs can be accessed from this page. 
 Includes Emergency and Poison Control links. 

Leave a Message

A convenient form to leave a message for us.

Shopping Mall

 Shop for your dog, with your mouse!

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